Let me set the scene. I grew up living in the middle of nowhere where there weren't that many kids and I had difficulties making friends. One day, your mom sees the potential and hands you a  disposable camera. 
She realizes that you don't see the world as others see it and says "go explore and show me what you see."
At an early age, my mother, my biggest supporter still to this day, saw that I had an artistic eye for things. She realized that I didn't see the world as others saw it. That's when I discovered that I can just show people my world! I have never been a great verbal communicator, but through a variety of artistic ways I can express my world.

hello. I'm MARY NOT IVORY. Shocker I know

At the age of 12, I bought my first 35 mm film camera and continued my journey thru its viewfinder. That camera & my art became my friends, my zin zone, my way of communicating to others how I felt. It was my place of safety, my place of stability. My art, My photography comes from a place of true love, passion & feeling.

Other than my drawings and paintings, photography is another form of art for me. Growing up, my mother was fascinated with history; she basically breathes it. With this, I soon came to the realization that photos have so much more importance than one is to believe.
They are sometimes the only way that future generations will know the present day. Those flinting moments that pass on by without any thought, how something looked before the test of time, and years pass and those strong moments become flickers; soon forgotten.
Family is important; no matter who is considered your family. We want to remember them and all the moments with them no matter how silly or heartbreaking.

That is why I am obsessed now with fanning those flickers and being able to hand you those precious moments back to you when you need them the most.  


" My Photography and Art come from a place of true love, passion & feeling. "


Ivory Peacock 

As previously mentioned above, I have the natural artistic talent. Other than my Nature photographic prints, I also sell some of my paintings and drawings.
Some of my paintings come from my college background of design, but most are of the places I have been or a fantasy version of said place.  

Below are links to my Art and Print shop: I hope you enjoy them and inspire you. 

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".....This girl is the epitome of TALENT!!!"

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"We had a wonderful experience during our mini Christmas shoot with Mary!"

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"Beautifully capturing moments that make a story, and doing an amazing job-not just because you're good at it, but because it's something you really love!"

-Williow & Nathan

"I couldn't have asked for anything better! You made the experience fun, exciting, and were able to capture us perfectly....."


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-Althena W. - small business owner